Alan Grayson calls himself “A Congressman with Guts,” but his words and actions reveal him to be a congressman without honor. At a time like this, with foreign turmoil and domestic troubles, we need leaders in our government with steady hands and noble hearts. Grayson’s language and behavior both in and out of office have proven to be reckless, spiteful and dangerous.

Lots of people have “guts.” A good leader has honor.

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Reckless Behavior

Rep. Alan Grayson: The "Defund-ACORN" Law Should Apply To Corrupt Defense Contractors, Too!

In 2009, Grayson opposed a bill that defunded ACORN for corruption and misconduct. Grayson then argued that major military defense contractors should also be defunded under the law.

Alan Grayson Has Some Explaining To Do

In 2009, Grayson hired blogger Matt Stoller to be his “Senior Policy Advisor.” Stoller has a history of making outlandish and offensive statements, such as accusing the anti-defamation league of being “crazy” and “racist,” or called John McCain “a crazy cancer-ridden dishonest madman.”

Grayson threatens to imprison critic

Alan Grayson once wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding the federal government imprison a Republican activist for five years because she was criticizing him with her website.

Relying on Alan Grayson Can Get You Tossed On the Street

A gay couple in Florida was facing foreclosure, and gained Alan Grayson as an ally for their cause, as he campaigned on expanding loan programs and even got the media to go to their home to provide human faces to the problem. However, when the media buzz died down, the couple, in seriously bad health, was evicted anyway and Alan Grayson used the previous good publicity to “catapult himself into Congress,” without having actually helped them.

Crazy Alan Grayson Accused of Campaign Finance Violation (Isn’t Karma Wonderful?)

Alan Grayson was accused of breaking federal campaign finance laws. This comes after Grayson had vehemently protested against the new lax campaign finance laws, only to break them even further.

Alan Grayson left trail of traffic tickets before Lynx bus crash

In March of 2012, Alan Grayson collided with a Lynx bus in downtown Orlando after running a red light. Grayson had previously racked up 9 traffic citations in Florida and Virginia from 1995 to 2008, including multiple failures to avoid highway signs and littering on the highway.

Alan Grayson goes nuts at a Perkins family restaurant

In April of 2010, the Orange County Republican Executive Committee was having a regular meeting at a Perkins restaurant, when Alan Grayson interrupted the meeting. He started shouting and swearing at the attendees, accusing them of “spying” and even told one of the attendees to “take a walk.”

Grayson On ATSDR Results: Disappointing

Alan Grayson accused the US military of causing cancer and health concerns on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. After an Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATDSR) study reconfirmed that there was no link between military activities and the health problems, Grayson attacked the agency, saying that the study was flawed, and called them “illogical and cruel.”

Obama Funder Jodie Evans: Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Supports Code Pink Kidnapping Karl Rove

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans once attempted to handcuff and kidnap Karl Rove, and after reportedly had a conversation with Grayson in which he expressed sympathy with her actions.

We need a congressman who will work to bring real solutions, not more division and controversy