Alan Grayson calls himself “A Congressman with Guts,” but his words and actions reveal him to be a congressman without honor. At a time like this, with foreign turmoil and domestic troubles, we need leaders in our government with steady hands and noble hearts. Grayson’s language and behavior both in and out of office have proven to be reckless, spiteful and dangerous.

Lots of people have “guts.” A good leader has honor.

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Reckless and Failed Foreign Policies

Alan Grayson: The Counter-Puncher

Alan Grayson had repeatedly declined in the past to join in on opposition to Hugo Chavez.

Congressman Alan Grayson Takes Action on Situation in Venezuela

Alan Grayson has signed onto legislation that supports democracy in Venezuela and seeks to hold its regime accountable for its action. This comes after years of Grayson refusing to criticize Hugo Chavez at all or participate in opposition to him.

Alan Grayson says US ‘should be pleased’ Russia annexed Crimea

Alan Grayson said earlier this year that the US “should be pleased” that Russia annexed Crimea. Despite the turmoil that has resulted from the region, Grayson maintains that Russian forces were simply there to keep the peace.

Alan Grayson Accuses the West of the 'Vilification' of Putin, Is Promptly Rebuked by Ed Royce

Alan Grayson accused Americans of “vilifying” Russian President Vladimir Putin, and said that we shouldn’t be doing it because it “does not help.” This came after Grayson supported Russia’s annexing of the Crimea from Ukraine.

Alan Grayson: 'Dick Cheney Never Met A War He Didn't Like'

In response to Dick Cheney’s recent remarks that the US should do more to combat ISIS (made before President Obama ordered the recent action against them), Grayson said Cheney “never met a war he didn’t like.” Grayson implied that action this year would be counter-productive, saying any action last year would have made the current situation worse.

Obama's ISIS War: Liberals To The Rescue?

Grayson supported arming Syrian rebels in support of Obama’s plan. This seems to be in direct contradiction to his anti-war stances and affiliations with pro-peace groups.

Democrat Quotes Karl Marx to Make Point About ISIS

Grayson quoted Karl Marx to express his opposition to our involvement in the fight against ISIS. The quote said that "history repeated itself first as tragedy, and then as farce;" he used the quote to say the problems we face in the Middle East are of our own making.

Florida House members divided on vote to arm Syrian rebels

And then, Grayson voted no on arming Syrian rebels, representing a complete flip-flop from his previous position.

We need a congressman who will work to bring real solutions, not more division and controversy