Alan Grayson calls himself “A Congressman with Guts,” but his words and actions reveal him to be a congressman without honor. At a time like this, with foreign turmoil and domestic troubles, we need leaders in our government with steady hands and noble hearts. Grayson’s language and behavior both in and out of office have proven to be reckless, spiteful and dangerous.

Lots of people have “guts.” A good leader has honor.

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Aggressive Divorce Proceedings

Alan Grayson's wife files for divorce

In January, Lolita Grayson filed for divorce. She sought joint but primary custody of their four minor children, their home and equitable distribution of assets.

Alan Grayson asks for annulment, accuses wife of bigamy in new court documents

Grayson filed for an annulment against his wife instead of a divorce, on the basis that she was already married when he married her. His attorneys claimed she "represented herself as single in order to induce Mr. Grayson to marry her."

Grayson’s court filing also accuses Lolita Carson-Grayson of defamation, libel, slander and abuse of process. He also seeks exclusive use of the family’s home, their seven cars and attorney’s fees.

Rep. Alan Grayson’s wife fights back against accusations of bigamy levied by her husband

In July, Lolita Grayson said in a filed affidavit that she “was and still am of the belief I divorced in 1981,” which was well before their 1990 marriage. She said she signed divorce papers from previous husband Robert Carson in 1981, and denies the claim she participated in a 1994 divorce, as Representative Grayson claims.

“Lolita Grayson said that she ‘was and still am of the belief I divorced in 1981’” – NY Daily News, 7/2/2014

We need a congressman who will work to bring real solutions, not more division and controversy