Alan Grayson calls himself “A Congressman with Guts,” but his words and actions reveal him to be a congressman without honor. At a time like this, with foreign turmoil and domestic troubles, we need leaders in our government with steady hands and noble hearts. Grayson’s language and behavior both in and out of office have proven to be reckless, spiteful and dangerous.

Lots of people have “guts.” A good leader has honor.

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Predatory Business Practices

A Democratic Congressman Lost $18 Million In An Investment Fraud Scheme

Last year, Grayson confessed to being a victim of an investment fraud scheme that cost him $18 million dollars. This was the second time he had fallen to a fraud scheme, with the first coming in the form of a 2009 Ponzi scheme.

Alan Grayson Wants Michael Steele To Go To Jail For Causing The Gulf Oil Spill

After the oil spill, Alan Grayson said that Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, should be thrown in jail for supporting oil drilling. He also said that the US government should “track down every single person who said ‘Drill Baby Drill’ and put them all in prison.”

Alan Grayson Hypocritically Profits From His Offshore Oil Drilling Investments

Earlier this year, Grayson was found profiting on shares of stock from a Russian Oil company and other foreign oil companies. This comes after several anti-oil public remarks.

We need a congressman who will work to bring real solutions, not more division and controversy